The Light Party Kit | Learn how to host a Light Party on the darkest night of the year (Halloween).
The Light Party Kit | Learn how to host a Light Party on the darkest night of the year (Halloween).
The Light Party Kit | Learn how to host a Light Party on the darkest night of the year (Halloween).
The Light Party Kit | Learn how to host a Light Party on the darkest night of the year (Halloween).
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Light Party Kit

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Light Party Kit - Intentionally shining God's LIGHT on the DARKEST night of the year.

Why hide on Halloween when you can take that opportunity to be the LIGHT!

There's no doubt that Christians (Christ followers) are different. In fact, the Bible says we are a peculiar people. And what better way to stand out different by intentionally shining God's light on Halloween.

Growing up in a Christian home we didn't open our doors on Halloween. As we got older something about hiding from the people God came to save troubled our hearts. 

As a result, we pressed in and studied the History of Halloween, what God's Word says about it and our response as a believer. And that was the catalyst to what we affectionally call our Light Party. 

For almost a decade we have been hosting a Light Party in our neighborhood on Halloween. Over the years it has grown and we've become known for being the LIGHT HOUSE that offers prayers. 

One year God put it on our heart's to create a Light Party Kit so that others can join in and host Light Parties in their own neighborhoods.

Our prayer is that there would be thousands, if not millions of light parties around the world, intentionally shining God's light on the darkest night of the year. 

Hosting a Light Party is fun for the whole family and teaches our children by example how they can plant seeds of hope to a world that is lost.

The Light Party Kit can be used in neighborhoods, schools, churches and / or communities. It was created to give you everything you need to help you SHINE God's light. Just add your own lights, candy or treats, and volunteers and you're good to go! 

 This Light Party Kit Includes:

  • Instructions
  • Party checklist
  • Prayer Points
  • Invite Cards
  • To - Do List
  • Ideas Worksheet
  • Music Playlist Worksheet
  • Volunteer Sign - Ups
  • Note Cards For Candy Bags (4 Designs)
  • Prayer Requests Cards
  • Set - Up Diagram Worksheet
  • Reflections Worksheet

Bonus - Light Party Kit Binder & Divider Section Covers Includes:

  • Instructions
  • Binder Cover
  • Inside Binder Cover
  • Divider Cover Ideas
  • Divider Cover Prayer Points
  • Divider Cover Lists
  • Divider Cover Set-Up
  • Divider Cover Reflections

Light Party Kit + Bonus is a 26 Page PDF File (nothing will be shipped). You will receive an instant download after purchase and receive automatic updates whenever we add, modify or change the PDF file(s). 

License Options:

Personal Use: Download for personal use only, PDF file cannot be shared. 

Multi-Use License: Unlimited downloads for multiple person use, in classrooms, small groups and / or ministry outreaches, etc.

The Light Party Kit is the perfect resource for community outreach. Just imagine if every believer hosted a Light Party in their neighborhood on the darkest night of the year? With our Multi - Use License, churches and community groups can provide The Light Party Kit to everyone. 

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven "

~ Matthew 5:16 (KJV)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Kimberly B
I'm Having My Own Light Party!

Superb Product!!!
A few years ago I was invited to local light party and fell in love with the event. I've been extremely excited about the possibility of hosting my own light party at some point. This Light Party Kit comes with everything I need to hold one in my home this year! The step-by-step instructions alone, were worth the price. This kit came with checklists, which is imperative to someone like me. LOL! Plus, all the necessary extras, like invitations, prayer request cards, and planning worksheets you didn't even know you'd need. I've stored everything in a binder and can't wait to use it year after year!